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Plastep is a Injection mould  specialist of plastic production. Located in in Kuortti Finland.
We also produce the finnish classic products Palaset.

We manufacture and market Finnish, high quality products for home and office use as both business and client gifts. From the very beginning, our products have been designed by renowned designers in Finland or abroad. Palaset Desktop products are designed by famous finnish designer Ristomatti Ratia. They are timeless, high quality and minimalistic in style which makes them ideal for all kind of homes and offices.

The Palaset product family includes Desktop products for home and office storage. Our selection also includes hangers such as legendary Majuri. You’ll find from our hanger selection perfect hangers choices for all kind of clothes and coats.
The Palaset moneyboxes are a beautiful interior design elements in the home and a nice business gift or promotional product. We also have a collection box is available.

We also manufacture durable and beautiful shopping basket for shop and home use.

Palaset products are available from department stores and supermarkets, bookstores and specialty shops and our online store.

More than 60% of Palaset products we manufacture are exported. Our dealers are among others.  You can find our retailers from here: Retailers

We also manufacture plastic products on the basis of customer’s own product idea or need as contract manufacturing. With our Plast-Eezy service model, you always get the right product, as product design, mold manufacturing, injection molding and assembly are found under the same roof.

Our company has been awarded the Avainlippu diploma of the Finnish Work Association as an example of our high quality, sustainable, reliable and safe operation as a domestic industrial manufacturer.

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